Published On: Sat, Sep 12th, 2015

Doomsday fears have some Mormons in a panic

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(NEWSER) – There’s a reason sales are up 500% at one Utah store that specializes in freeze-dried food: doomsday. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that “hordes of Utahns” are operating under the belief that the world could be in for something catastrophic by the end of the month and are preparing accordingly. The reason for the fear involves a strange confluence of events, one being a belief that history is divvied up into seven-year increments. In 2001, we got 9/11; in 2008, we got the stock market crash; and in 2015, well, time will tell. Factor in shaky world currencies, chaos all over the globe, and a full “blood moon” later this month, and, voila, you’ve got “preppers” prepping for the end times, or something close. (Gizmodo takes notes of the phenomenon on Pinterest.)

Source: Doomsday Fears Have Some Mormons in a Panic

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