Published On: Thu, Sep 17th, 2015

Flight recordings reveal final moments before Atlanta plane crash

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ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has obtained audio recordings of a pilot’s conversation with a control tower just before his plane crashed into Interstate 285 last May, killing all four people aboard. The recording reveals a fairly calm Greg Byrd as he prepares for takeoff from DeKalb Peachtree Airport May 8. The tower at the airport clears Byrd for takeoff, and a short time later Byrd calls the tower, giving his first indication there is a problem. “Having some trouble climbing here,” Byrd called into the tower.  A short time later, Byrd calls back to the tower to let them know he is going down. Byrd: “Uh … we’re going to be down here in (inaudible)…” Tower: “Say again?” After a short pause Byrd comes back, saying, “We’re going to be down here in the intersection ….”

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