Published On: Sun, Sep 20th, 2015

Tourists stop turtles from nesting in Costa Rica

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(NEWSER) – A huge swarm of sea turtles emerged on the Costa Rican shore earlier this month to lay eggs, like they do every year. Only problem: Thousands of tourists were there too, getting in the way, prancing around for photos, and even placing their kids on the creatures’ backs, Gizmodo reports. The hundreds of thousands of turtles then turned around and simply abandoned their nesting area on Ostional Beach along the Pacific Coast. “It was a mess,” a tour guide who witnessed the scene tells the New York Times. It was also an unlikely mess, because the nesting season for olive ridley sea turtles (from August to October) is usually protected by the rainy season, which cuts off the beach by overflowing the Nosara River.

Source: Giddy Tourists Stop Huge Turtle Army From Nesting

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