Published On: Wed, Oct 7th, 2015

Watch the Ajibade arrest video

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The video prosecutors fought for months to shield from public consumption was released in court this week.

In the video, Mathew Ajibade walks unrestrained to be booked by two deputies.

He’s hard to hear, but has a strange debate with one deputy about the color of the chair where the deputy asks him to sit.

The deputies caajibadell for backup and the strange conversation continues.

But when a third deputy arrives, Ajibade is agitated and the deputies take him to the ground.

Ajibade thrashes and deputies can’t get the upper hand.

Sergeant Anza Rowland tases him, then goes to tase him again when she’s grabbed.

She falls to the floor and then stumbles to regain her footing before collapsing.

Deputy Greg Capers throws punches at Ajibade who now has the taser, while Deputy Eric Vinson kicks at it several times but lands a blow to the back of Matthew Ajibade’s head.

Ajibade’s resistance largely ends after that point; he’s hog-tied and carried away.

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