Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

Wife of second runner to die after marathon points to reports of contaminated water

Runners begin the marathon Saturday

SAVANNAH, Ga. (OS) — A second runner has died after the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, according to family members.

Stephanie Staiti said her husband Robert, 47, who ran in Saturday’s race, passed out in the family’s kitchen after complaining of feeling ill on his return from the race.

“Robert was a runner. He ran every day. He worked out every day. He’s been in multiple marathons and he came home and said he wasn’t feeling well. He took a shower, went to the kitchen and he passed out. He was completely unresponsive” Staiti said.

“This was completely unexpected. I don’t know what’s happened. He’s had physicals, and he usually runs 26.2 marathons this was only 13.1.” she said.

“I know he said it was hot there. I know there were some water issues. There was a shortage of water and some contamimation of water. I don’t know what happened.”

An autopsy is being conducted in Staiti’s death.

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